Activities we regulate

Learn how we keep gambling legal and honest through in-depth audits, rule-making, regulating licensed activities, and enforcing gambling laws throughout the state of Washington.

How we keep gambling legal and honest

Through collaboration with local, state, federal, tribal, and international law enforcement agencies, we work to fulfill our legislative declaration of:

  • Keeping the criminal element out of gambling
  • Promoting social welfare through strict regulation and control.

Our special agents are commissioned law enforcement officers who attend the Basic Law Enforcement Academy and receive the same training as other police officers. Many agents are certified fraud examiners and some are certified public accountants.

Gambling activities we regulate

We enforce state gambling laws and rules for licensed activities such as card games, bingo, amusement games, punch boards/pull-tabs, nonprofit raffles, and fund-raising events. Our agents also enforce laws for gambling activities that don’t require a license, including sports pool boards and promotional contests of chance.

We conduct in-depth audits, on-site checks, and undercover investigations to ensure that gambling is legal and honest. Our criminal investigations include crimes such as theft, elder abuse, fraud, internet gambling, cheating, bookmaking, animal fighting, embezzlement, money laundering, and loansharking.

Choose the activity below to learn more.

Commercial businesses

Amusement games

Bingo at agricultural fairs ONLY permit (commercial)

Card games (nonhouse-banked, class F, and house-banked)

Distributor of equipment and supplies

Enhanced raffle call center

Fund-raising event equipment distributor

Linked bingo prize provider

Manufacturer of equipment and supplies

Manufacturer's special sales permit

Punch board / pull-tab operator

Punch board / pull-tab service business permit

Recreational gaming activity

Service supplier (example: consulting and other services)

Sports wagering vendor licensing or sports wagering activities

Charitable or nonprofit organizations

Agricultural fair to operate bingo, raffles, amusement games

Amusement games

Bingo games

Bingo at agricultural fairs ONLY permit (charitable or nonprofit)

Card games

Combination: bingo, raffle, amusement games, and card games with no fee

Electronic raffles

Enhanced raffles

Fund-raising event

Fund-raising event equipment distributor

Punch board / pull-tab operator

Raffles, excluding electronic and enhanced raffles

Recreational gaming activity


Card room employee (example: dealer)

Charitable / nonprofit gambling manager

Commercial gambling manager

Distributor representative

Enhance raffle call center representative

Linked bingo prize provider representative

Manufacturer representative

Service supplier representative

Approved commercial card game rules

Learn about the rules for various approved commercial card games.