Amusement games (commercial)

Learn who can offer amusement games, including applications, training information, and recordkeeping requirements.

Who can apply for an amusement game license

If you are a commercial business, you may offer amusement games in certain circumstances.

Learn more about the licensing requirements for commercial businesses.

    About amusement games

    "Amusement game" means a game played for entertainment in which:

    • The contestant actively participates
    • The outcome depends in a material degree upon the skill of the contestant
    • Only merchandise prizes are awarded
    • The outcome is not in the control of the operator
    • The wagers are placed, the winners are determined, and a distribution of prizes or property is made in the presence of all persons placing wagers at such game
    • Cake walks and fish ponds are considered amusement games
    • The game is conducted or operated by any agricultural fair, person, or association at authorized locations.

    Types of amusement games allowed

    See list of authorized amusement games (PDF, 35 KB)

    Authorized amusement game locations

    • Restaurant
    • Bowling center
    • Grocery / department store
    • Civic center / festival
    • Movie theater
    • Miniature golf course
    • Amusement park / center
    • Agricultural / world fair
    • Skating rink
    • Carnival operator (itinerary required (PDF, 200 KB))
    • Tavern, pub, or bar
    • Regional shopping center or mall
    • Family sports complex.

    How to apply

    In addition to all the materials outlined in our licensing process, the complete application includes:

    Current licensees: Add amusement games to your existing gambling license

    If you already have an active gambling license with us and would like to add amusement games as a new activity, complete the "Add an Activity" application.

    Amusement Game - Add an Activity to Commercial Business Application Packet (PDF, 600 MB)

    Add / remove approved amusement game location

    If you are a licensed amusement game and want to apply for an additional amusement game location or report the removal of an approved location, complete and submit the Amusement Game - Apply for Additional Amusement Game Locations / Report Removal of Approved Locations (PDF, 1.25 MB).

    If applying by mail

    If you're applying by mail, make sure you use the correct address based on the carrier you're using.

    For US Mail (No UPS or FedEx)

    Washington State Gambling Commission
    PO Box 42400
    Olympia WA 98504-2400

    For UPS, FedEx, and overnight packages

    Washington State Gambling Commission
    4565 7th Avenue SE
    Lacey WA 98503

    Required training

    After we grant your license, you have 30 days to complete your required training:

      Required recordkeeping

      You must:

      • Keep records to provide in case we audit your business
      • Complete the records within 15 days of the last day of each month, every month.

      Review recordkeeping requirements for commercial amusement games (

      Retaining your records

      You must retain the records for 3 years from the end of your fiscal year.

        Renewing your license

        Licenses expire each year. Learn more about how to renew your license.

        Reporting changes to your license

        There are certain changes you must tell us about. Learn how to report changes to your license.