About our licensing process

Learn about our licensing application process; how to contact us; see which licenses you can apply for online; where to send your application; what happens after we receive your application; and reasons for denial, suspension, or revocation.

Licensing Unit hours

Call us at 360-486-3441 or email us at Licensing@wsgc.wa.gov Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

You can also call or email us to book an in-person appointment at our headquarters in Lacey.

How to apply for a license

Gambling license applicants must undergo criminal and financial background investigations to help ensure only qualified persons operate gambling activities. It typically takes us about 120-150 days to complete an investigation of your organization.

As an applicant or licensee, it's your responsibility to:

  • Establish through clear and convincing evidence you qualify for a license
  • Prove your qualifications
  • Know and follow all rules and laws, which are the Washington Administrative Codes (WAC) and Revised Codes of Washington (RCW).

You can also learn more by reading the Gambling License Certification Program brochure (PDF, 263 KB) for more information.

Online applications

If you are registered for SecureAccess Washington (SAW), you can apply online for the following activities:

To apply for a license online, follow the steps below

  1. Log into SAW (secureaccess.wa.gov)
  2. Add Washington State Gambling Commission as a service
  3. Go to "MyAccount" in SAW to apply for your license.

Learn how to register for SecureAccess Washington (SAW) if you don't already have an account.

Paper applications

If you don't want to apply online, you can apply with a paper application. Choose which group you're in to find the license you want to apply for:

Mailing addresses

If you're applying by mail, make sure you use the correct address based on the carrier you're using.

For US Mail (No UPS or FedEx)

Washington State Gambling Commission
PO Box 42400
Olympia WA 98504-2400

For UPS, FedEx, and overnight packages

Washington State Gambling Commission
4565 7th Avenue SE
Lacey WA 98503

Complete application required

(1) You must fully complete the license application form we provide in order to be considered for a license. You must submit it with the appropriate fees online in the manner we require, or return it, along with the appropriate fees, to our headquarters office.

(2) You must provide us with the required items within 30 days of notification of an incomplete application or we may administratively close the application.

(3) Applicants for a new organization license or permit will submit the base license fee for each authorized activity they are applying for with their application.

(4) Applicants for a new individual license will submit the new application fee they are applying for with their application.

If applying for a house-banked card games license, learn additional information about the application process

After we receive your application

We assign a Licensing Specialist to review and evaluate your application.

We may assign a Licensing Special Agent to your application. A Special Agent may:

  • Conduct a background check
  • Investigate the source(s) of the money your gambling business uses
  • Contact you to inspect your business site.

Investigations may involve local police as well as state, federal, national, and international authorities to ensure all persons that have a substantial interest in a gambling business are qualified to have a license.

We may contact you during the licensing process to determine your eligibility to hold a license. We may request additional information such as:

  • Leases
  • Corporate papers
  • Business or organization by-laws
  • Purchase agreements, financial statements
  • Criminal history statements
  • Personal information forms
  • Fingerprints.

Please note, this list does not include everything we may request from you.

If we approve your application

If we approve your application, you'll be able to log into your SAW account and print a copy of your license within 24 hours.

If we deny your application

If we deny your application, we will provide you with an explanation. The most common reasons for denial are insufficient information, failure to pay the proper fees, or issues discovered during the criminal or financial background investigations.

You may supply additional information to prove your suitability, or you may voluntarily withdraw your application. If you do not respond to requests from staff for additional information, we may close your file.

If you do not pass our criminal or financial backgrounds checks, you may request an administrative hearing to explain your circumstances to an administrative law judge.

Reasons for denial, suspension, or revocation of your application, license, or permit

We may deny, suspend, or revoke an application, license, or permit for any of the following reasons:

  • Any felony conviction in the past 10 years
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Probation or community supervision
  • Forgery
  • Larceny (theft)
  • Extortion
  • Conspiracy to defraud
  • Willful failure to make payments to a governmental agency at any level
  • Filing a false report
  • Bribery
  • Unlawfully influencing a public official
  • Any crimes involving gambling
  • Physical harm to an individual (assault)
  • Protection order violations
  • Moral turpitude (a crime against the norm of society)
  • Excessive court-ordered fines and fees in collection
  • Failure to disclose your criminal or administrative history (including juvenile cases).

Learn about reasons for denial, suspension, or revocation (app.leg.wa.gov).

Training requirements

You are required to complete training within 30 days if you signed a licensing application, are a manager, or are responsible for conducting gambling activities or completing the records.

For more information about training, go to the activity's page for the license you've applied for.

Report changes during the application process

Use this information to assist with your reporting timelines. Do not use this table in place of the Washington Administrative Codes (WAC)(app.leg.wa.gov) cited below. Remember, applicants are responsible for knowing and following all WAC and Revised Codes of Washington (RCW).


WAC Reference

10 Days

30 Days


FRE Equipment Distributors

WAC 230-03-010



Monthly schedule of RGA contracts

Incomplete application

WAC 230-03-035




Additional information required from applicants for licensing

WAC 230-03-050



Or within the timeframe we provide

Changes to information required on application or provided during application process

WAC 230-03-055




Complete training

WAC 230-03-070




Information required under commission rules

WAC 230-03-085(8)



Or within the timeframe we provide

Service Supplier Representative must report conflicts of interest

WAC 230-03-340



See rule