Sports wagering licensing

Learn how to apply for sports wagering vendor and representative licenses to offer products or services.

Learn about sports wagering licensing

We have 3 categories of sports wagering vendor licenses you can apply for.

You must apply for each license (major, mid-level, or ancillary) for any products or services that fall under each of those licenses.

Major sports wagering vendor

Provide integral sports wagering goods or services in our state:

  • Managing a Tribe's or Tribes' sports wagering operations
  • Being a Tribe's or Tribes' primary consultant who provides substantial sports wagering related services
  • Being a manufacturer or distributor of a sports wagering system(s)
  • Providing bookmaking services
  • Providing sports wagering risk management services.

Mid-level sports wagering vendor

Provide services or equipment related to data, security, and integrity that include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrity monitoring
  • Data to be used by a Tribe(s) or sports wagering vendor including data to set odds
  • The compilation, furnishing, or storage of data for use in sports wagering
  • Initial or annual wagering system security testing or assessment
  • Geofencing and geolocation compliance and monitoring
  • Sports wagering account management including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.

Ancillary sports wagering vendor

Provide necessary sports wagering support services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile payment processing for use in sports wagering
  • Know your customer or identity verification for use in mobile sports wagering
  • Marketing or promotional affiliates for a sports wagering vendor or tribal sports wagering operator where the contractual financial arrangement is based on a percentage of an operator’s sports wagering revenue.

About sports wagering vendors and their representatives

Visit the Washington State Legislature site to see the rules that govern:

How to apply for a sports wagering vendor license

Sports wagering applications are only available online. You must have a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account with Washington State Gambling Commission's MyAccount services to submit your application.

Learn how to register for SecureAccess Washington (SAW).

Registered with SAW and ready to apply for a sports wagering vendor license

  1. Log into your WSGC MyAccount through SAW (
  2. Select the 'License' tab from the top menu
  3. Select 'Sports Wagering Vendor Application'
  4. Complete all fields in the application
  5. Select either 'Pay this amount now with online check' or 'Submit application and pay with a paper check'
  6. If you chose 'Submit application and pay with a paper check', you must print and mail the invoice and your check to us, which will delay processing your application
    • Submit the correct license fee with a completed application. Learn how much it costs
    • You can either submit the application electronically with an online check or submit the application electronically and then mail us a paper check
    • We will begin processing applications once we receive full payment. If full payment is not received within 30 days after submitting your application, we will administratively close your application and you will need to re-apply.

Licensing for sports wagering vendor representatives

  • If your sports wagering organization has representatives who will be working physically or remotely in Washington State, they must be licensed separately
  • In your SAW MyAccount, choose the 'Employees' tab and then choose 'Begin a new Individual License application'
  • Officers and owners are exempt from having to apply for a representative license.

Helpful rule

Learn who we determine who is a substantial interest holder (