Renew your license

As an individual or business, learn how and when to renew your gambling license so you can continue operating gambling activities or offer gambling related services.

Who must maintain a license

Anyone who works in the gambling industry or offers gambling related products and services must maintain a valid license.

For individuals, you must be currently employed to renew your license.

Learn when and how to renew your gambling license

When to submit your renewal

Submit your renewal application and fee online before your license expires. A SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account is required. You can renew 45 days prior to your expiration date.

NOTE: We sent you an email containing your PIN and license / client number, which you will need in order to register for SAW.

How to renew

You must have a SAW account and add Washington State Gambling Commission as a service. 

Learn how to register for SecureAccess Washington (SAW).

Registered with SAW and ready to renew license

  1. Log into your WSGC MyAccount through SAW (
  2. Select the 'Renew Licenses Now!' under the 'Action Center' tab from the top menu
  3. Answer the questions and complete all fields in the application
  4. Select 'Renew Me!'
  5. Check the boxes for each activity you would like to renew
  6. Select 'Pay This Amount Now'
  7. Enter your payment information and check box to authorize payment
  8. Select 'Submit Payment Now'.

If your license expires

  • You will not be able to renew online
  • A new application, fees, and fingerprint card may be required. Contact the Licensing Unit at 360-486-3441 before submitting a new license application
  • You cannot operate or provide any gambling activity or services until a new license is issued.

Licensees on active military duty

If you are on active military orders and your license expires:

  • You have 6 months after completing your active military orders to submit a renewal application, fee, and a copy of your orders
  • You must provide your DD-214 with your renewal if you ended your military service.

Cost to renew your license

See the cost to renew your license:

How to check the status of your renewal application

You can look up an organizational or individual licensee. Search with an individual's or organization's name or license number.

  1. Enter your search criteria
  2. Select "Get Record".

The screen will show your status as:

  • "Renew Pending" if we received but not processed
  • "Licensed" if we received and processed the renewal application.

Helpful rules

Learn more information about renewing and paying online (

Learn more information about renewing in a timely manner (