Distributor of equipment and supplies

Learn how to apply for a distributor license, including applications and training information.

Who can apply for a distributor license

If you are a commercial business, apply for a distributor license if you:

  • Buy or otherwise obtain a finished piece of gambling equipment for use in authorized gambling activities from another person and sell or provide that gambling equipment to a third person for resale, display, or use
  • The gambling equipment must come from a manufacturer licensed by the Washington State Gambling Commission
  • Are a manufacturer who sells or provides gambling equipment you do not make to any other person for resale, display, or use
  • Service and repair authorized gambling equipment
  • Distributors must not add, modify, or alter the gambling equipment
  • Modify gambling equipment using materials provided by manufacturers to upgrade equipment to current technology
  • Buy or lease a group 12 amusement game from another licensee and sell or lease the group 12 amusement game to an amusement game licensee
  • Provide training to licensed and potential punch board/pull-tab operators for compensation
  • Provide assistance to gambling license applicants or licensees seeking gambling license renewal for compensation.

Gambling equipment means any device, gambling-related software, expendable supply, or any other paraphernalia used as a part of gambling or to make gambling possible. See what falls under the definition of gambling equipment (app.leg.wa.gov).

This license is different from a fund-raising event distributor license.

Learn more about the licensing requirements for commercial businesses.

About distributor activities

Visit the Washington State Legislature site to see all the rules that govern distributors (apps.leg.wa.gov).

Distributor representative information

If your business has any employees, they may need to apply for a distributor representative license.

If you are a substantial interest holder in a distributor, you do not need a representative license to perform representative duties connected with that licensed business.

Learn what a substantial interest holder is (app.leg.wa.gov)

How to apply

In addition to all the materials outlined in our licensing process, the complete application includes:

Current licensees: Add distributor to your existing gambling license

If you already have an active gambling license with us and would like to add distributor as a new activity, complete the "Add an Activity" application.

Distributor of Authorized Gambling Paraphernalia and Supplies - Add an Activity to Commercial Business Application Packet (PDF, 400 KB)

If applying by mail

If you're applying by mail, make sure you use the correct address based on the carrier you're using.

For US Mail (No UPS or FedEx)

Washington State Gambling Commission
PO Box 42400
Olympia WA 98504-2400

For UPS, FedEx, and overnight packages

Washington State Gambling Commission
4565 7th Avenue SE
Lacey WA 98503

Required training

After we grant your license, you have 30 days to complete your required training:

Retaining your records

You must retain the records for 3 years from the end of your fiscal year.

    Renewing your license

    Licenses expire each year. Learn more about how to renew your license.

    Reporting changes to your license

    There are certain changes you must tell us about. Learn how to report changes to your license.