Service supplier (example: consulting, financing, and other services)

Learn what you need to apply for a service supplier license, including applications, training information, and recordkeeping requirements.

Who can apply for a service supplier license

You must apply for a gambling service supplier license if you perform any of the following gambling-related services for compensation:

  • Consulting or advisory services regarding gambling activities
  • Gambling management services
  • Financing for more than 1 licensee for purchases or leases of gambling equipment or financing for providing infrastructure or facilities, or equipment that supports gambling operations
    • Once you have financed more than one licensee, you must be a licensed gambling service supplier until all loans with licensees or previous licensees are paid
    • Once you have been a licensed gambling service supplier, you must be licensed as a gambling service supplier again before financing purchases or leases for any licensee
  • Acting as a lending agent, or loan servicer, or placement agent
  • Providing the assembly of components for gambling equipment under a contract with a licensed manufacturer
  • Entering into an ongoing financial arrangement for gambling related software with a licensed manufacturer
  • Installing, integrating, maintaining, or servicing digital surveillance systems
  • Training individuals to conduct authorized gambling activities
  • Providing any other service or activity where influence may be exerted over any gambling activity licensed by the commission
  • Performing the testing and certification of tribal lottery systems and sports wagering systems in meeting requirements specified in tribal-state compact
  • Performing the testing and certification of gambling equipment
  • Providing nonmanagement-related recordkeeping or storage services for punch board and pull-tab operators, when the combined total gross billings from such services exceed $30,000 during any permit period or license year.

Learn more about the licensing requirements for commercial businesses.

When no license is required

You do not need a gambling service supplier license if you are:

  • A state or federally regulated bank, mutual savings bank, or credit union
  • A university or college regulated by the Washington state board of community and technical colleges and the higher education coordinating board that trains individuals to conduct authorized gambling activities
  • An attorney, accountant, or governmental affairs consultant whose primary business is providing professional services that are unrelated to the management or operation of gambling activities
  • A person who only provides nonmanagement-related recordkeeping or storage services for punch board and pull-tab operators, when the combined total gross billings from such services do not exceed $30,000 during any permit period
  • A person who provides names, images, artwork or associated copyrights, or trademarks, or patent use, or other features that do not affect the results or outcome of the game, for use in gambling equipment
  • Regulated lending institutions
  • A licensed distributor who provides any of the following services for compensation:
    • Training to licensed and potential punch board/pull-tab operators
    • Providing assistance to gambling license applicants or licensees seeking gambling license renewal.

About service suppliers

Visit the Washington State Legislature site to see the rules that govern gambling service suppliers (

Service supplier representative information

If your business has any employees, they may need to apply for a service supplier representative license.

If you are a substantial interest holder in a service supplier, you do not need a representative license to perform representative duties connected with that licensed business.

Learn what a substantial interest holder is (

How to apply

In addition to all the materials outlined in our licensing process, the complete application includes:

Current licensees: Add service supplier to your existing gambling license

If you already have an active gambling license with us and would like to add service supplier as a new activity, complete the 'Add an Activity' application.

Service Supplier - Add an Activity to Commercial Business Application Packet (PDF, 450 KB)

If applying by mail

If you're applying by mail, make sure you use the correct address based on the carrier you're using.

For US Mail (No UPS or FedEx)

Washington State Gambling Commission
PO Box 42400
Olympia WA 98504-2400

For UPS, FedEx, and overnight packages

Washington State Gambling Commission
4565 7th Avenue SE
Lacey WA 98503

Required training

After we grant your license, you have 30 days to complete your required training:

Required recordkeeping

You must:

  • Keep records to provide in case we audit your business
  • Complete the records within 15 days of the last day of each month, every month.

Retaining your records

You must retain the records for 3 years from the end of your fiscal year.

    Renewing your license

    Licenses expire each year. Learn more about how to renew your license.

    Reporting changes to your license

    There are certain changes you must tell us about. Learn how to report changes to your license.