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Card room employee (dealer)

Applying for a card room employee license

You must be actively employed or sponsored by a card room before applying for a card room employee license. The card room submits the application on your behalf.

You must apply for a card room employee license if:

  • You will be involved in the operation of a:
    • Commercial nonhouse-banked card room charging a fee to play
    • Class F endorsed nonhouse-banked card room
    • House-banked card room.
  • You perform any of the following functions:
    • Collecting fees
    • Dealing
    • Supervising any card game or other card room employee, such as acting as a pit boss, floor person, or section supervisor
    • Selling or redeeming chips
    • Performing cashier or cage duties such as counting and handling chips or cash, completing credit slips, fill slips, or inventory slips, or accounting for other card room receipts in the cage
    • Observing dealers and card games to detect cheating or control functions
    • Controlling card room funds including keys to secure locations
    • Taking part in the operation of a card game.
  • A Class B card room employee license is required to work at a house-banked card room and Class F endorsed nonhouse-banked card room
  • A Class A card room employee license is required to work at a nonhouse-banked card room.

Learn how the licensing process works.

Complete application includes

  • Individual License Application Packet
  • Application fee
  • Proof of Identity such as a copy of: a valid driver’s license, a state identification card, or a valid passport. Must be a clear copy
  • Fingerprint cards (two if ink rolled, one if live scanned).

Please complete and submit the following forms:

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You must complete training within 30 days of the effective date of your license. Review the following rules and handouts thoroughly to ensure that you are in compliance with your activity: