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Rule-Making Activities

On this page, you can learn more about rules and rule making, find out what rules the Commission is currently working on, request a rule change, comment on proposed rule changes, and see which rules have been recently changed.

The basics of rules and rule making

The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) is a compilation of the regulations of the executive branch agencies that interpret and implement state and federal laws. These regulations are commonly referred to as rules and the process of their adoption is known as rule making.

Each state agency has a chapter in the WAC, and the Gambling Commission’s rules chapter is WAC 230. In WAC 230, the Gambling Commission gathers all its rules, providing more detail about how to implement the provisions of the Gambling Act (RCW 9.46).

From time to time, rules are changed based on a deliberative process that takes approximately five to six months. Download a PDF (16.07KB) to learn more about the rule-making process.

Rules Under Development

The following rules are currently under development:

WAC Chapter and/or Section(s)
Subject Matter
(CR-102) or 
Title 230 WAC
Gambling equipment in warehouses WSR 19-03-095 ON HOLD  
Chapter 230-06 Problem gambling signage and materials WSR 23-09-066    
Chapter 230-17 Hearing rules WSR 23-16-131    
Chapter 230-11 Raffle rules WSR 23-19-093    
Chapter 230-03 Submitting a proposed plan of operations for charitable and nonprofit organizations (repeal) WSR 23-19-094 WSR 23-23-140  
Chapter 230-06 Rules for all licensees. WSR 23-22-081    

Request a Rule Change

  1. Use our online 'Request a Rule Change' form.
  2. Commission staff will receive your request (called a petition).
  3. Staff will prepare a rule summary, which includes a history of the rule, previous changes made to the rule, and resource and regulatory impacts the change could have.
  4. Staff will present the rules summary and your petition to commissioners at a commission meeting within 60 days of receipt.

Comment on Proposed Rules

The commission often seeks public comments on various topics, including proposed rule changes. Visit our 'Request for Public Comment' page to view current topics and submit your comments.

Recent Rule Changes

To learn about recent changes to rules that have been finalized, visit our 'Recent Rule Changes' page

Gambling Law

The state law concerning gambling can be found under Chapter 9.46 RCW.

Gambling Rules

State rules concerning gambling can be found under Title 230 WAC.