Compacts and amendments: Nooksack Indian Tribe

Learn about the gaming compacts and compact amendments WSGC has negotiated with the Nooksack Indian Tribe.

Original Compact

Governor Gardner signed the original Nooksack Tribal Gaming Compact (PDF, 910kb) on 10/28/1991.

Current Amendments

1st amendment (PDF, 254kb)

Signed 04/26/1994, this amendment deals with:

  • Adding Keno, Poker, and Jackpot poker.
  • Clarifying Class II activities.
  • Updated forms of payment, hours of operation, and size of the gaming operation.
  • Conditional certification for tribal members
  • Updated jurisdiction provisions
  • Deleted Appendix B

2nd amendment: Phase II (PDF, 41kb)

Signed 01/26/1995, this amendment deals with a phased process for:

  • Increased table game wagers.
  • Additional gaming stations.
  • Additional hours of operation

3rd amendment: Appendix X and Appendix Y (PDF, 65kb)

Signed 11/23/1998, this amendment deals with the Tribal Lottery System and requirements for electronic gambling devices.

4th amendment (PDF, 370kb)

Signed 09/14/2005, this amendment deals with adding the option of a second facility.

5th amendment: Appendix X2 (PDF, 530kb)

Signed 03/30/2007, this amendment deals with the Tribal Lottery System.

6th amendment: Appendix X2 Addendum (PDF, 290kb)

Signed 07/26/2018, this amendment deals with:

  • player terminal increase
  • regulatory fee changes

7th amendment (PDF, 213kb)

Signed 12/17/2018, this amendment deals with:

  • Adding satellite (off track) wagering on horse races
  • Updated location of the Tribe’s casino to Indian Lands
  • provisions to transition a Class II facility to a Class III facility
  • Adding responsible gaming provisions and increased funding for problem gambling.