Tribal electronic table games

Learn about tribal electronic table games.

Electronic Table Games (ETG)

Electronic Table Games (ETG) is a secured system framework for electronic versions of table games that will be played like the traditional table games.

The Governor signed Appendix G for electronic table games in August 2023. The appendix provided the following that at least two ETG terminals must be connected to each ETG game in play at the tribe’s casino.

The ETG can be operated as:

  • Dealer controlled when there is a human dealer involved in the play
  • Non-Dealer controlled when two or more players can play against the same roll of dice, spin of the wheel, or communal shoe of electronic cards
  • Hybrid of dealer controlled and non-dealer controlled.

Other rules and requirements for ETG

  • Wagers will be placed through an electronic wagering system that does not allow for the return of coin or currency at the end of play
  • Pay tables and odds on ETG will be consistent with approved rules for table games
  • Each ETG Terminal must display clear information for each game without placing wager
  • Maximum wager is $500
  • Every 9 ETG terminals equals 1 physical gaming station
  • The maximum number of gaming stations allowed is in each Tribe’s Compact
  • Each tribe’s problem gambling contributions amount will be consistent with state’s lottery
  • Responsible gaming information will be on each ETG Terminal
  • A new ETG system will be field tested based on tribal gaming agency and state gaming agency jointly agreed upon standards.

Approved systems



Inter-op Field Testing



Light and Wonder Quartz


Light and Wonder SDS


Interblock (Washington 4.01) The Advantage System 9.7.4

Approved Proprietary Games

Game Name

Game Owner

Approved for play on:
Fire Bet (modification) Light and Wonder Light and Wonder
Roulette X Light and Wonder Light and Wonder
Sharpshooter (modification) Light and Wonder Light and Wonder
Stadium Blackjack Light and Wonder Light and Wonder