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Sweepstakes Scam Alert

Posted on:  March 30, 2022

In March, the Washington State Gambling Commission was notified about a sweepstakes/lottery scheme. In this scheme a woman is claiming to be a WSGC employee and providing false credentials.

The individual that reported this event also reported that a group known as “American Lucky Winners Inc” was sending documents about the fake winnings, some through the mail. The documents include fabricated letters from various institutions such as Nevada Gaming Control Board, New York State Gaming Commission, Bank of America, and others.

The individual stated they were given names, addresses, and phone numbers to utilize when claiming their “winnings”. The combination of all these documents and information were attempts to convince them that they had won a substantial cash prize and would need to exchange information and documents to claim the prize.

Be aware that there are scammers pretending to be Gambling Commission employees that may contact you and ask for money or personal information. We do not conduct or operate any sweepstakes or lotteries. If this sounds familiar or if you have any questions then please call or email us.”

Telephone: 360-486-3606 or 800-345-2529 toll-free.


Media Contact: 

Kevin McCarty
Public Information Officer
Washington State Gambling Commission
(360) 480-5359 (mobile)