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Rise in Robberies Occurring After Victims Leave Casinos

Posted on:  April 10, 2023



April 7, 2023

Rise in Robberies Occurring After Victims Leave Casinos

The Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC) is an accredited limited jurisdiction law enforcement agency whose mission is to protect the public by ensuring gambling is legal and honest. The Gambling Commission is aware of a recent increase in robberies occurring after victims leave casinos. The Washington State Gambling Commission has been working with several law enforcement agencies and tribal governments, regarding these crimes, to ensure there is collaboration and information sharing happening throughout these investigations. Most of the incidents have occurred in King County and some other metropolitan areas of the state. WSGC is working to make sure the incidents are shared with each investigating agency in an effort to find common links. The Gambling Commission, commercial card rooms, and Tribal partners consider customer safety paramount and offer these additional safety tips:

  1. Be aware of individuals who may be loitering around the cashier’s cage when customers are cashing out. 
  2. Be aware of vehicles that are behind you when leaving a casino.  If you believe a vehicle is following you for an extended period of time that seems abnormal, do not park at your house. Drive somewhere else and call 911.
  3. Utilize onsite casino security staff to escort you if you feel unsafe walking to your vehicle.
  4. Try and keep betting or prize money hidden away in pockets, purses, or bags when walking throughout the casinos.


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