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Additional Information on Warrant Served at Suspected Illegal Horse Racing Operation

Posted on:  November 19, 2021

This release contains supplemental information to the news release posted October 27th.


Washington State Gambling Commission Special Agents, deputies with the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office and agents from the U.S. Department of Agriculture served a warrant on a suspected illegal horse racing operation early Tuesday October 26th.

The warrant service followed an investigation lasting more than two years.

Agents developed information that a ranch near Burbank, Washington was being used for horse racing that included accepting illegal wagers along with other suspected illegal gambling on site.

The WSGC’s investigation began in early January 2019 after a tip from another agency that illegal horse racing and other illegal gambling was taking place at the location.

Organizers would hold monthly match races between horses. Most were from Washington and, Oregon, with some coming from other western states. The races were often advertised on social media accounts.

Bets were placed both with the organization and between individuals attending the races. Raffles were also held with most offering small scale prizes. Some raffles featured big dollar winnings and often included awarding horses and cars to winners.

An undercover Special Agent was able to attend events and gather information for the warrant that was served on site in October.

As many as six people could face felony charges in connection with the activity. The names of those suspects and the ranch where the races were held are not being made public by the WSGC pending a charging decision by the Walla Walla County Prosecuting Attorney.

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