WSGC Statewide Self-Exclusion Program Launch

The Gambling Commission has developed a process where a person with a gambling problem or gambling disorder can submit a single form and voluntarily exclude themselves from all non-tribal casinos statewide. Tribal casinos may also participate in this statewide self-exclusion program.

The program follows the passage of Washington State House Bill 1302 in 2019 which stated: The legislature recognizes that some individuals in this state have a gambling problem or gambling disorder. Because the state promotes and regulates gambling through the activities of the Washington State Lottery Commission, the Washington Horse Racing Commission, and the Washington State Gambling Commission, the state has the responsibility to continue to provide resources for the support of services for problem gambling disorders.

Self-Exclusion produces positive effects for people with gambling disorders. It can help reduce gambling frequency and financial problems, thereby increasing their quality of life, said Commission Vice Chair Julia Patterson.

The program is now available on the Washington State Gambling Commission's website at: Self-Exclusion | Washington State Gambling Commission