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Report changes to your license

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Post-licensing reporting requirements   How to report changes    

Changes in ownership structure   Helpful rules

License reporting requirements

It is the responsibility of each applicant and licensee to establish through clear and convincing evidence they qualify for a license.

This information is to assist licensees with their reporting timelines. This table should not be used in place of the Washington Administrative Codes (WACs) cited below. Licensees are responsible for knowing and following all WACs and Revised Codes of Washington (RCWs).



WAC Reference

10 Days

30 Days


Information required under commission rules

WAC 230-03-085(8)



Or within the timeframe we provide

Conducting underage compliance test programs with minors

WAC 230-06-012



Before conducting the test

Changes to any information filed with application (original or renewal)

WAC 230-06-080(1)




Changes to information on original or renewal application, to include but not limited to



  • Articles of incorporation or bylaws, or any other documents which set out the organizational structure and purposes; and

WAC 230-06-080(2)




  • Oral and written contracts and agreements which relate to gambling activities or alter the organizational structure of the licensee’s organization or business activities in Washington; and

WAC 230-06-080(2)




  • All cash or asset contributions, draws from lines of credit, and loans (except those from recognized financial institutions) during any calendar year which by themselves or totaled together are more than $10,000. Cash or asset contributions do not include donations to licensed charitable or nonprofit organizations; and 

WAC 230-06-080(2)




  • Internal Revenue Service tax deductible status of contributions for charitable and nonprofit organizations.

WAC 230-06-080(2)




Termination of employees

WAC 230-06-082

WAC 230-06-083




Criminal actions

WAC 230-06-085




Civil and administrative actions to include, but not limited to





    • Actions filed against them by other gambling regulatory agencies, including those from other countries and Indian Tribes, and

    WAC 230-06-090



    • Divorces, and

    WAC 230-06-090



    • Bankruptcy, and

    WAC 230-06-090



    • Tax liens, and

    WAC 230-06-090



    • Business dissolutions, and

    WAC 230-06-090



    • Patent infringement on gambling equipment.

    WAC 230-06-090




    Name change

    • Organizations changing their trade name or corporate name report at least 30 days prior to change;
    • Individuals report at least 30 days after the change

    WAC 230-06-095




    Changing the business location

    WAC 230-06-100




    Changes made to management, directors, officers, or any other position that makes management decisions

    WAC 230-06-105



    Nonprofit only reports at renewal time.

    Changing of In-state Resident Agent

    WAC 230-03-052




    Change of stock

    WAC 230-06-107




    New Games / Equipment

    WAC 230-06-050

    WAC 230-15-040



    Or within the timeframe we provide

    Transfers of gambling equipment as part of a sale of a business

    WAC 230-06-110(6)




    Transferring gambling equipment when no longer licensed

    WAC 230-06-120(2)




    Service Supplier:

    Changing gambling related services

    WAC 230-06-080(2)




    File Quarterly License Report at the end of each quarter for each licensed gambling activity even if there was no gambling activity

    WAC 230-05-124




    Pay a Quarterly License Fee at the end of each quarter based on a percentage of gross gambling receipts

    WAC 230-05-124

    WAC 230-05-106

    WAC 230-05-160

    WAC 230-05-165

    WAC 230-05-170

    WAC 230-05-112




    How to report changes

    You can report the following changes by email to us at

    • Mailing address
    • Arrest or changes to criminal history
    • Civil and administrative actions
    • New or updated loans or capital contributions over $10,000, except from a bank or credit union
    • Additonal warehouses
    • New or amended Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws
    • New or updated contracts or agreements (premises leases)
    • Divorce, marital status
    • IRS tax deductible status
    • Business structure changes
    • Changes due to death, incapacity, receivership, bankruptcy, or assignment for the benefit of creditors
    • Change in licensed or unlicensed gambling manager employment status (charitable and nonprofit organizations).

    If you are registered for SecureAccess Washington (SAW), you can report the following changes online


    • Name change
    • Address change.


    • Employee name / address change
    • Adding or relinking a gaming employee
    • Licensed card room employee employment status change
    • Submit a Personnel Termination Notice (PTN)
    • Management (officer, director) change 
    • Manager (raffle, punch board / pull-tab, bingo, card room manager) change
    • One bingo occasion change (requires prior approval)
    • Location of premises change (requires prior approval)
    • Fund-Raising Event (FRE) / Recreational Gaming Activity (RGA) date, time, or location change (requires 10 days advance notice).

    To report changes to your license online follow the steps below

    1. Log into SAW (
    2. Go to your Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC) ‘MyAccount’
    3. Depending on what you are changing, choose Employee, Licensing, or Account Setting tab to report changes to your license.

    Learn how to register for SAW


    You can report the following changes to your license by mail

    • Management (officer, director) change
    • Manager (raffle, punch board / pull-tab, bingo, card room manager) change
    • One bingo occasion change (requires prior approval)
    • Location of premises change (requires prior approval)
    • FRE / RGA date, time, or location change (requires 10 days advance notice).

    Follow the steps below to submit your change

    1. Complete the Request for Consent to Change application (PDF, 250 KB)
    2. Mail the completed application along with the appropriate fee.
      • Mailing address 
        Washington State Gambling Commission
        PO Box 42400
        Olympia WA 98504-2400
      • For Fed Ex / UPS overnight packages ONLY
        Washington State Gambling Commission
        4565 7th Avenue SE
        Lacey WA 98503

    Changes in ownership structure

    You cannot sell or transfer your license to any person or entity. No one can operate under your license, even temporarily.

    If any of the following occur without our approval, your license is void and you must immediately stop all gambling activities

    • The business is sold
    • A sole proprietorship brings in a new person and forms a partnership, LLC, or corporation
    • A partnership takes another partner or changes partners
    • A corporation or LLC sells over 50% of its stock or membership shares to a person or business, which has not held at least 10% previously.

    You may accomplish a sale so there is no a break in gambling activity through a “contingency” sale contract, where the sale is contingent on new owners getting a gambling license. The potential new owners will need to apply for their own license. 

    Learn how to apply for a license

    Ownership changes that are allowed

    The following changes must be reported to us when

    •  A person or organization becomes a substantial interest holder when they were not a substantial interest holder immediately before the transaction
    •  A substantial interest holder purchases any additional stock
    •  A person or organization becomes a substantial interest holder purchases up to 50% of the shares in the business.

    If you are a LLC,  complete the LLC Ownership Change Notification application (PDF, 850 KB)

    If you are a corporation,  complete the Stock Ownership Change Notification application (PDF, 880 KB)

    Only some transfers of ownership are allowed

    Licensees may request to transfer a gambling license under the following conditions

    Commercial businesses

    • The ownership is exactly the same for both businesses, for example a partnership becomes a LLC
    • The licensed gambling activity will be conducted at the same business premises.

    Charitable or nonprofit organizations

    • When you merge or consolidate with another bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization.


    • If one partner in the partnership leaves and is not replaced.

    Sole proprietorship

    • A sole proprietor may request to transfer their license to a partnership, corporation or LLC, which is solely owned by the same person.

    Death, bankruptcy, and other special circumstances

    A licensed operator may transfer their license when the following occurs

    • Incapacity
    • Death
    • Receivership
    • Bankruptcy
    • Assignment for benefit of creditors to a court-appointed or court-confirmed guardian, executor or administrator, receiver, trustee, or assignee for the benefit of creditors.

    Complete the Transfer application packet (PDF, 950 KB)

      Helpful rules

      Learn what changes to report (

      Learn what limited transfers of ownership are allowed (

      Learn which ownership changes are allowed (

      Learn which ownership changes are prohibited (