Electronic Gambling Lab equipment delivery instructions

See instructions for having equipment delivered to our Electronic Gambling Lab for testing.

Coordinate your delivery with EGL staff

If you do not coordinate your delivery with us, we may refuse your equipment delivery. It is important you contact us at egl@wsgc.wa.gov prior to coordinate your delivery as early as possible. We are not available to assist in moving or transporting most large gaming hardware devices.

Our building does not have a loading dock. We recommend using a vehicle with a lift gate when delivering large heavy items. Door dimensions into the lab are 7 feet high by 6 feet wide with no alternate access point.

You are responsible for:

  • Having enough personnel to transport, unload, unpack, and set up all equipment
  • Ensuring you can deliver all hardware from a delivery vehicle to EGL
  • Unpacking and setting up all hardware
  • Disposing of packing materials
  • Packing up and removing equipment from our lab.