Exiting the self-exclusion program

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Can I remove myself from the self-exclusion program at any time?

No. You can only remove yourself from the program after the initial enrollment period you selected has expired.

Will the Gambling Commission remind me when my enrollment is over?

Yes. We will notify you 45 days prior to the end of their initial enrollment period. We will contact you using the information you provided on your initial enrollment form.

How do I remove myself from the self exclusion program?

There are two ways to remove yourself from the program. Both options require you to provide proof of your identity with a government-issued photo ID that includes your full name and date of birth. Common examples of this type of ID are a driver's license or a passport.

For both options, you will need to complete the Self-Exclusion Program Removal Form once your enrollment period selected has expired.

Complete the removal form and mail it to our office

If you are submitting your form by mail, the form must be either notarized or signed by a certified problem gambling counselor.

Once your form is complete, mail it to:

Washington State Gambling Commission

PO Box 42400

Olympia, WA 98504-2400

Make an in-person appointment with the Gambling Commission

This requires you to make an appointment and to travel to Lacey, Washington.

How can I extend my enrollment?

You will remain on the self-exclusion list until you submit the Self-exclusion program removal form. If you remove yourself and decide to re-enroll, you will need to submit a new enrollment form.