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Submissions, Hardware Delivery and Testing Labs


Email the lab at

Manufacturer Submission Process

If you are a licensed Tribal Lottery System (TLS) manufacturer and you wish to submit hardware or software, please follow these steps.

  1. Fill out submission form.
  2. If you are submitting hardware, please see Hardware Delivery instructions below. If not, skip to step 3.
  3. If possible install hardware or software prior to officially submitting.
  4. Gather submission forms, all supporting documentation (User release notes, install guides, math sheets etc) and software and upload to your SFT account.
  5. Once the submission is installed in the lab and the submission package is uploaded or mailed to EGL, have the Independent Testing Lab (ITL) release the certification to EGL. This will officially put the submission on our testing queue.

Hardware Delivery Instructions

If you fail to follow the guidelines, we may be forced to refuse delivery.

Roadwork is currently limiting access to the building. Semi-truck sized vehicles may encounter some difficulty entering the parking lot. Contact your EGL representitive if you have further questions.

  • Contact EGL personnel and coordinate the delivery as early as possible prior to arrival onsite.
  • Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring all hardware can be delivered from a delivery vehicle to the 1st floor EGL office.
  • The building does not have a loading dock so large heavy items will generally require a vehicle with a lift gate. Dimensions for the door into the lab is 7ft H x 6ft W.
  • Manufacturers should make sure that enough personnel are available to transport all hardware.
  • Because of liability and safety, EGL staff is not available to assist in moving or transporting most large gaming hardware devices.
  • All hardware delivered to EGL must be unpacked and set up by the Manufacturer.
  • All packing materials must be disposed of by the manufacturer, unless other arrangements are made.
  • When removing hardware from EGL, the manufacturer is responsible for packing up and removal.

Approved Testing Labs

In compliance with Appendix X2 Section 10.1 State and Tribal Compact, for a lab to become Washington-Approved it must:

  1. Be licensed by the Washington State Gambling Commission as a Service Supplier; and
  2. Demonstrate competency and qualification to conduct scientific test and evaluations of gaming systems.

To demonstrate scientific competency and qualification, a lab must:

  1. Develop and submit test scripts to the Commission’s Electronic Gambling Lab (EGL) for the testing of Appendix X System & related components; and
  2. Provide a sample of approval/certification documentation to EGL (Properly Identifying components); Using software verification and/or hardware verifications; and
  3. Provide proof to EGL of having tested other electronic gambling equipment; and
  4. Provide proof to EGL that you possess electronic verification equipment and/or Software.

If you represent an independent testing lab and wish to be licensed to operate in Washington, please contact EGL at