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A digital signature is an electronic signature that can be used to ensure that the original content of a file, executable, or directory has been unchanged. When issuing approvals at the WSGC Electronic Gambling Lab (EGL), we take digital signatures of approved software using the hash algorithms of SHA1 and MD5. When software is delivered to casinos, regulators can run digital signatures on software received to ensure their copies match the software approved by WSGC EGL. EagleCheck is a digital signaturing tool that was developed and currently being updated by engineers of the WSGC EGL. EagleCheck can signature any file or directory, with SHA1, MD5, or SHA256 hash algorithms, by dragging and dropping files into the application. Also, EagleCheck can compare files on a local system to the EGL approved files, by using the function DBCompare built into the application. The signature lists required for DBCompare are below for your convenience to download by manufacturer.

The current version of EagleCheck is version 2.3 Hot Fix 1. Now, EagleCheck can be installed on the following Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008. Also EagleCheck now works on 64-bit platforms. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 must be installed prior to installing EagleCheck 2.3. The link to Microsoft's Download Center is provided below.

Please contact the lab by email with any questions or comments

Download EagleCheck 2.3   |    Link to .NET Framework 4.0    |    EagleCheck 2.3 Hot Fix 1

Manufacturer Link


Ainsworth Signature List

Aries Technology

Aries Signature List


Aristocrat Signature List

Bluberi Gaming Canada Inc.

Bluberi Signature List


Ditronics Signature List

Everi-Payment GCA

Everi-Payment GCA Signature List

Everi-Games Multimedia

Everi-Games MultimediaSignature List

International Gaming Technology

IGT Signature List

Light & Wonder

Light & Wonder Signature List


NRT Signature List

Passport Technology

Passport Technology Signature List