Special agent impersonator alert

Learn about a WSGC Special Agent impersonator and what to watch for here.

On Thursday March 24th, A Florida resident (Reporting Party) notified the Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC) he received a call from a woman (claiming to work with WSGC) about winning a sweepstakes and he wasn’t sure if it was legitimate or fraudulent.

Fake credentials were provided to the RP by the impersonator(s). The RP later revealed a group known as “American Lucky Winners Inc” sent him more documents, some through the mail. The documents include fabricated letters from various institutions such as Nevada Gaming Control Board, New York State Gaming Commission, Bank of America, and others. Below the image of the fake badge are snippets of the logos that were used in the various letters.

The RP was given names, address, and phone numbers to utilize when claiming his “winnings”.

The combination of all these documents and information are attempts to convince the RP he had won a substantial cash prize and they need to exchange information and documents to claim the prize.

For any inquiries regarding this bulletin please contact WSGC Intel Analyst Brennan Carrington: (206) 586‐7139 | brennan.carrington@wsgc.wa.gov