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Licensing for Individuals FAQ

How can I check the status of my new application?

You may contact the Licensing Unit at (800) 345-2529 to gain status information.

How can I find out the status of my renewal application?

You can check the status of your renewal application on our website. To check the status of your renewal application, visit our renewal status search page. After you type in the license number, the screen will show you the status as pending (meaning received but not processed) or licensed if we have received and processed the renewal application.  

Do I have to submit a new application if I let my license expires?

Yes. If your license expires, you must submit a new application and you must not operate any gambling activity until a new license is issued.  

How do you define residency?

Residency is your physical location, not your mailing address.   

Do I need an employer to apply for and receive a license?

Yes. The employer or designee must sign each application.  

When can a card room employee (CRE) begin working?

As a new applicant, you must wait ten (10) days from the date we received your completed application or until your application shows "approved" on our website. If the application is incomplete, we will notify you by letter, phone or email. You may not begin working as a CRE until your application has been completed. If you are transferring or adding an employer while the original application is still pending, you must submit a transfer application and fees. You may not begin working at either location until after the 10-day waiting period or approval is received.

Can I fax you a copy of my driver's license?

No. Mail all copies of identification and photos. Photographed images do not show up legibly when faxed. The US Postal Service provides a greater degree of security when submitting copies of identification, such as a driver's license. You may also scan and e-mail your identification to the licensing specialist assigned to your application.  

Can I work for more than one card room?

Yes, but you must have a current license and the employer must submit a transfer application and fees. You may begin working when a completed transfer application and fees are mailed or submitted online. If the application is incomplete when WSGC receives it, we will contact both the employer and you and you are not authorized to work until we receive the missing item(s). If you transfer or add another employer and your original application is still pending, a transfer application and fees must be submitted. You are unable to work until after the 10-day waiting period or until your application is shown as approved on our website.  

Do I have to let the commission know when a new employee begins working or is terminated?

If you hired an employee and they have a current card room employee license, you must submit a transfer application and transfer fee. If you are terminating an employee, you must notify our office within 10 business days of the employee's termination. Both online processes are available on our website and require a SecureAccess Washington account.

I was on active military service when my license expired. Can I still renew or do I need to reapply for my CRE license?

Yes you can renew your license. If a license expires while an individual is on active military service, the individual may apply to have their license reissued at the renewal fee. The application must be received within six months after completing their active military service. The applicant shall provide evidence of the completion date of active military service.  

Am I required to submit new criminal history?

Licensees must report in writing within 30 days all criminal actions filed against the licensee, any manager of the licensed gambling activity, the business organization, or any person holding a substantial interest in the business organization. We must receive a copy of the final written decision or settlement within 30 days after the case is resolved. This can be submitted either in mail, email, or fax.