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Filing Quarterly License Reports FAQs

What are the report and fee due dates?

Your Quarterly License Report and Quarterly License Fees are to be received by us no later than 30 days after the end of the activity period. For example, if the activity period ends on September 30, your Quarterly License Report and Quarterly License Fees are due no later than October 30.



July 1 - September 30

October 30

October 1 - December 31

January 30

January 1 - March 31

April 30

April 1 - June 30

July 30

What if I miss the filing or payment due date?

If you fail to submit your Quarterly License Report AND pay your Quarterly License Fees by the report due date in the table above, you will be charged a late fee. A late fee of $25 per day will be assessed for each day you are late, up to 30 days. For example, if you are one day late in submitting your Quarterly License Report, you will be assessed a $25 late fee. If you are 30 days late, you will be assessed a $750 late fee. After 30 days, administrative action may also be taken against your license.

How do I calculate prizes paid?

Prizes Paid: The total number of cash prizes paid out and the value of all merchandise awarded. If purchased, the value is the cost to the licensee. If donated, see "Donated Prizes" below. (Note: Merchandise donated or purchased for prizes, but not awarded, should NOT be included on this report.)

Donated Prizes: If prizes were donated to the organization, estimate the fair market value of the items on the date they were received as donations. If ALL awarded prizes were donated, "Prizes Paid" and "Donated Prizes" would be the same.

The form will not let me enter cents

Our rates lend themselves to fractional dollars, inviting the need to round to whole dollars. The Quarterly License Report does not accommodate reporting cents, so you must round your Quarterly License Fee to the nearest whole dollar as follows:

$0.50 or less – Round Down

$0.51 or more – Round Up to the nearest whole dollar

What are the Gross Gambling Receipts for Service Suppliers?

Gross gambling receipts for service suppliers are fees from gambling-related services provided in or to be used in Washington to include, but not limited to:

• Consulting, advisory or management services related to gambling;

• Interest from financing the purchase or lease of gambling equipment, infrastructure or facilities or equipment that supports gambling operations;

• Acting as a lending agent, loan services or placement agent;

• Assembly of components for gambling equipment to be used under a contract with a licensed manufacturer;

• Ongoing financial arrangements for gambling related software with a licensed manufacturer;

• Installing, integrating, maintaining, or servicing digital surveillance systems that allow direct access to the operating system;

• Training individuals to conduct authorized gambling activities; Performing testing and certification of tribal lottery systems in meeting requirements specified in the tribal-state compacts;

• Providing nonmanagement related recordkeeping or storage services for punch board and pull-tab operators; and

• Ownership of proprietary games or equipment.

Gross gambling receipts for surveillance companies that hold a service supplier license includes fees from installing, integrating, maintaining, or servicing digital surveillance systems that allow direct access to operating systems located in Washington.

Can I Amend a Quarterly License Report?

Quarterly License Reports (QLR) can be amended at any point after submission unless accompanied by a paid Quarterly License Fees (QLF). If a fee was submitted with the report, the amendment cannot be submitted until the following day. My Account displays the last two years of QLRs. If you need to amend a report that is older than two years, please contact us for further instructions.

If submitting an amended Quarterly License Report results in:

  • additional fees due, you must pay the additional fees immediately.

  • overpayment of fees, you will receive a refund, less processing costs.