Submit a procurement complaint

Learn how to submit a complaint to resolve procurement issues or concerns with the Washington State Gambling Commission.

Before you can submit a complaint

You must have submitted a question during a procurement's question-and-answer phase to use the complaint process to resolve issues or concerns that either were not or could not be resolved during the question-and-answer time.

How to submit a complaint

Your complaints must be in writing and signed by the protesting party or an authorized agent. Documents with scanned signatures are accepted as originals. The complaint must clearly state the grounds for the complaint, the specific facts and a proposed remedy. All complaints must be addressed to the Gambling Commission’s procurement coordinator, as listed in the procurement document.

We will only consider the following types of complaints:

  • Unnecessary restriction of competition
  • Unfair or flawed scoring process
  • Solicitation requirements are inadequate or insufficient to prepare a response.

Complaints not based on one of these three subjects will not be considered and will be returned unanswered.

Filing deadline

Complaints must be submitted no later than five business days before the bid-response deadline, as listed in the procurement document or any amendments.

After we receive your complaint

We will review your complaint when we receive it. The procurement coordinator or a delegate will consider the record and all available facts and issue a decision within three business days of receiving the complaint. We will notify you if additional time is required and our response will be delayed.

Responses to considered complaints will be in writing. Additionally, we will post considered complaints, responses and remedies in Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) as required by state policy.

You cannot raise a complaint again during the protest period.

The complaint process does not include an option for appeals.

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