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License Fee Restructure Workgroup Meeting #1

Date:Monday, October 24, 2016
Time:1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. (may go longer since this is our first meeting)
Where:Seatac Community Center
13735 24th Ave. South
Seatac, WA 98168
Seating:We only have seating for 25 people at this location.

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Representatives from the groups below:

Licensee Groups


Contact Information

Large charitable/nonprofit organizations

Ric Newgard, Seattle Junior Hockey


Phone: 425-327-3841

House-banked card rooms

And Class F Card Rooms

Recreational Gaming Association & Teresa Malphrus (Class F Card Room)

RGA email:

Phone: 360-352-0514

T.Malphrus email:

Paper Product Manufacturers

Mary Magnuson, NAFTM (North American Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers)


Phone: 651-644-4710

Electronic and Table Manufacturers



Customers of Manufacturers



Tribal representatives




Wendy Windsor, WOW Distributing Inc.


Phone: 425-315-8815

Amusement Game Operators



Gambling Service Suppliers



*Additional representatives will be listed as they are named.

Valve Corporation Update (updated October 18, 2016)

Valve Corporation Update (updated October 17, 2016)

Valve Corporation Told to Stop Facilitating Gambling (updated October 5, 2016)

Group 12 Amusement Game Information

Petition to Allow "No Cash Value" Chips as House Added Prizes to a Poker Tournament

Order Denying Petitioner's Motion for Show Cause and Enjoinment of Enforcement

Petition to Change the Rules Regarding Gambling Promotions and Card Room Operating Hours

Petition for Rule Change to Wager Limits and Fee Collection for Nonhouse-Banked Card Games

In an effort to "go green," beginning with the July 14th Gambling Commission meeting, hard copies of the commission packets will no longer be provided at meetings. Hard copies of the agendas will still be available. Materials will be available on our website about one week prior to the meetings for download.

For more information on meeting times, locations and agendas please call 360-486-3453 or write to Julie Anderson.

Effective mid- June 2016, we are no longer sending paper renewals or activity reports to any licensees unless you have signed up for a waiver (WAC 230-06-124 and WAC 230-06-125). All renewals and activity reports will be emailed to the address listed in My Account or for Individuals, the email address that you have provided.

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