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Staff-Proposed Rule: Rates for public recrords requests

RCW 42.56.120 authorizes agencies to charge for certain costs related to a public records request. This includes the authority to establish a charge for the actual cost for copying records, including per-page rate for copying, labor costs of copying, and shipping costs; providing copies of electronically produced records; actual costs for the electronic production or file transfer of the record; the use of a cloud-based storage or processing service; and the cost of transmitting the records in an electronic format. 

This statute allows state agencies to undergo their own cost-analysis determination or choose the default rates established in the statute, which are as follows:

• Up to 15 cents per page;

• 10 cents for each page scanned into an electronic format;

• 5 cents for every 4 attachments uploaded to an electronic delivery system;

• 10 cents per gigabyte transmitting records electronically; 

• May require a deposit of up to 10 percent of the estimated actual copy costs for a request; or 

• An agency may charge a flat fee of $2 as an alternative to the default rates listed above.

The Gambling Commission has received over 160 public records requests in 2019 alone and rule-making is needed to address the growing costs associated with requests consistent with the guidelines established by the Legislature.

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