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Petition for Rule Change: Credit, loans and gifts

We've received a petition to amend WAC 230-06-035, which prohibits credit, loans and gifts. The petitioner specifically requests to amend subsection (3): "You must collect the price required to participate in the gambling activity in full before allowing someone to participate. Licensees must collect cash, check, gift certificate, gift card, or electronic point-of-sale bank transfer." The petitioner is seeking to amend this rule to allow for other methods of payment.

On Sept. 12, 2019, the commissioners voted to accept the rules petition and initiate rulemaking to consider authorizing the use of credit cards for payment for commercial and nonprofit gambling activities.

A stakeholder meeting was held on Dec. 3, 2019 at the Washington State Gambling Commission headquarters in Lacey.

To submit your feedback on this topic, please visit our 'Request for Public Comment' page.


Petition for Rule Change
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Agenda: Dec.3, 2019 Stakeholder Meeting
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