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Agency Request Legislation 2020

Stakeholder Outreach

In June 2019, Gambling Commission staff held a stakeholder work session to discuss possible topics of agency request legislation and receive input on changes the industry would like to make to the Gambling Act. Nonprofit organizations would like more flexibility in raffle and fundraising limits, and would like to be able to offer raffles online. Additionally, the pull-tab industry would like to raise the pull-tab wagering limit. Commission staff presented all stakeholder requests to commissioners at the July 2019 public meeting.

Agency Request Bills

The Gambling Commission submitted two agency request bills to the Governor’s Office for the 2020 legislative session. Both bills were passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Inslee.

In the first bill, the Commission amends the bona fide charitable or nonprofit definition to include nonprofit organizations registered under the Charitable Solicitations Act (RCW 19.09) as additional types of organizations allowed to conduct gambling activities. The amendment also adds “religious” and “scientific” purposes as approved purposes for an organization to be considered a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization. Lastly, the bill clarifies that the Gambling Commission can issue a raffle license to a credit union or combined fund drive organization.

The second bill amends the current money laundering civil forfeiture statute to allow the Gambling Commission, and other law enforcement agencies, to direct forfeited proceeds and property towards furthering and enhancing gambling-related law enforcement activities. The Gambling Act’s forfeiture subsections were inserted into the bill and mirror the disposition and reporting requirements currently referenced in the controlled substances forfeiture statute.