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Manufacturer Representative

You must apply for a manufacturer's representative license if you sell, promote, or provide a manufacturer's gambling equipment, or supplies, or you supervise those who do.

If you are a licensed manufacturer representative, you may represent more than one licensed manufacturer.

If you are a substantial interest holder in a manufacturer, you do not need an individual license to perform representative duties connected with that licensed business.

Learn what a substantial interest holder is (

Learn how the licensing process works

Complete application includes

  • Individual License Application Packet
  • Application fee
  • Proof of Identity such as a copy of: a valid driver’s license, a state identification card, or a valid passport. Must be a clear copy
  • Fingerprint cards (two if ink rolled, one if live scanned).

Add or change your employer

If you are a licensed manufacturer representative and want to add or change your employer, complete the 'Add / Change Employer Application'.

Please complete and submit the following forms:


Review the following rules and handout thoroughly to ensure that you are in compliance with your activity: