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Fund-raising event (FRE) (reno / casino nights)

If you are a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization, you may apply to offer fund-raising event activities.

You must apply for a separate FRE license for each event you wish to hold.

Types of FRE licenses

Standard FRE

  • One event not to exceed twenty-four consecutive hours
  • One event not to exceed seventy-two consecutive hours.

Joint FRE

  • FREs held by a collective of more than one bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization
  • A joint FRE will count as one event only for the lead organization(s) receiving 50% or more of the net receipts for the purposes of the number of such events an organization may conduct each year.

Limited FRE

  • One limited FRE not to exceed six consecutive hours.

How to apply for a FRE license online

FRE applications are available online. You must have a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account with Washington State Gambling Commission's MyAccount services to submit your application.

Learn how to register for SAW

Please complete and submit the following forms:

Learn how to report changes to your license


You must complete training within 30 days of the effective date of your license. Review the following rules and handout thoroughly to ensure that you are in compliance with your activity:

Highest-Ranking Officer

In addition to the above training for your activity, you must also review the following:

Recordkeeping packets

The following handouts are a recordkeeping requirement for your activity:

    Helpful rules

    Learn what types of FREs are authorized (