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Amusement game (charitable or nonprofit organization)

If you are a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization, you may offer unlicensed amusement games in certain circumstances, and may also apply to offer licensed amusement games.

"Amusement game" means a game played for entertainment in which:

  • The contestant actively participates
  • The outcome depends in a material degree upon the skill of the contestant
  • Only merchandise prizes are awarded
  • The outcome is not in the control of the operator
  • The wagers are placed, the winners are determined, and a distribution of prizes or property is made in the presence of all persons placing wagers at such game
  • Cake walks and fish ponds are considered amusement games
  • The game is conducted or operated by any agricultural fair, person, or association at authorized locations.

Unlicensed amusement games

You may offer a maximum of two unlicensed raffle, bingo, or amusement game events per calendar year. You may offer one of different types of activities, but the total number of unlicensed events cannot exceed two for the year.

  • You may allow the public to participate in the activity, as well as members of your organization
  • Liquor and firearms must not be awarded as prizes
  • Records must be kept for one year
  • Notify local police at least five days in advance
  • Bingo and amusement games can be offered up to 12 consecutive days
  • Gross revenues (money taken in) to the organization from all the activities together do not exceed $5,000 during any calendar year.

Licensed amusement games

You must have a gambling license if:

  • You want to offer more than two public raffles, bingo, or amusement game events in a calendar year
  • The combined gross revenue from your two unlicensed public raffles, bingo, or amusement game events will exceed $5,000 in a calendar year.

If you would like to apply for a amusement game license, complete and submit the 'Amusement Game - Charitable / Nonprofit Organization Application Packet'.

If you are currently licensed and would like to add amusement games as a new activity, complete the ‘Add an Activity’ application.

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You must complete training within 30 days of the effective date of your license. Review the following rules and handout thoroughly to ensure that you are in compliance with your activity:

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In addition to the above training for your activity, you must also review the following:

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The following handouts are a recordkeeping requirement for your activity:

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