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Amend Quarterly Report

Did you know that you can make changes to your Quarterly License Report even if you've already submitted it? Just follow these instructions: 

  1. Sign into your SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account and navigate to My Account
  2. Select the ‘License Reports’ tab 
  3. Select ‘See/Amend Past License Report.'
  4. This opens ‘Amend/Recent History’ tab
  5. Select ‘Amend Report’ for the quarter you'd like to amend. (To print a copy of the report, select 'Print for Records' to view a PDF version.) 
  6. On the data entry screen, enter the corrected amounts, then select 'Next.' 
  7. Review the summary page to verify the information you entered, then select 'Next'
  8. On the 'Sign' page, fill out the ‘Signature and Verification’ section. Check the box at the bottom and select 'Submit.'
  9. The confirmation page will indicate whether or not an additional Quarterly Licensee Fee (QLF) is due
  10. You may return to the 'Amend/Recent History' tab to print a copy for your records