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Gambling Laws

State laws concerning gambling can be found under Chapter 9.46 RCW.

Gambling Rules

State rules concerning gambling can be found under Title 230 WAC.

Rules Under Development

The following rules are under development pursuant to RCW 34.05.314:

WAC Chapter and/or Section(s)
Subject Matter
(CR-102) or 
Title 230 WAC
Gambling equipment in warehouses WSR 19-03-095 ON HOLD  
Title 230 WAC
Use of an iDROP kiosk/TITO devices for table games play
WSR 22-03-070

Chapter 230-03
Chapter 230-06
Chapter 230-15

Use of debit cards to purchase chips WSR 22-12-005 WSR 23-07-104  
Chapter 230-15 Wagering limits for house-banked card games WSR 22-17-079 WSR 23-03-060  
Chapter 230-05 License fee adjustments for charitable, nonprofit or commercial stimulant organizations, and other businesses, including sports wagering vendors WSR 23-03-076
WSR 23-03-078
WSR 23-07-103  
Chapter 230-15 Restrictions on progressive jackpots WSR 23-07-105    

Request a Rule Change

Agency staff review all proposed rule changes before they are discussed by the commissioners. Staff prepares a rule summary, which includes a history of the rule, previous changes made to the rule, and resource/regulatory impacts the change could have.

Want to request a rule change? Use our online 'Request a Rule Change' form

Comment on Proposed Rules

The Commission occasionally seeks public comments on various topics, including proposed rule changes.

Visit our 'Request for Public Comment' page to view current topics and submit your comments.

Recent Rule Changes

To learn more about recent rule changes, visit our 'Recent Rule Changes' page