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Request for Public Comment

The Commission is seeking public comment on the following proposed rule changes:




Public petitions received by the agency requesting a rule change in which the Commissioners have initiated rule-making proceedings.

WAC 230-11 Raffles. The Gambling Commission received a petition to amend various raffle rules related to nonprofit raffles in order to keep up with inflation and ease the burden of record keeping. Commission staff would also like to add additional requirements to high-value raffles in the event that ticket sales fall short of expectations in order to protect both the raffle organizer and raffle ticket buyers.

Staff-initiated rule changes.

WAC 230-06 Rules for all licensees. Commissioners asked Gambling Commission staff to review, amend and/or suggest new rules related to problem gambling signage and materials. CR-101
WAC 230-17 Hearing rules. Staff recommended initiation of rule making to adjust rules to address timeframes for filing motions, responses, and other legal documents, as well as to introduce other changes that might clarify haring processes and ensure consistency.
WAC 230-03-155 Submitting a proposed plan of operations for charitable and nonprofit organizations.
The Commission has not received an application for large bingo operations in the last 20 years. Other rules already exist imposing additional reporting requirements on charitable and nonprofit organization with gross gambling receipts of $3 million dollars or more. The rule is redundant and can be repealed.
WAC 230-06 Rules for all licensees. Staff recommended initiaton of rule making to further clarify under which limited conditions nonhouse-banked, Class F, and house-banked card rooms can be adjacent to each other. This rule making may take the form of amending WAC 230-06-046 and/or creating a new rule.

To submit your comments, please complete the form below. Please note that your comments will be considered a public record and will be disclosable upon request.